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In modern times the school has become the most important tool for formal education but the home yields a powerful influence on children in moulding their personalities. Both teachers and parents/guardians are equally responsible for the education of the child so that maximum co-operation between the parents and the school authorities is desired to secure the all round development of the ward. For this, Almanac is the best link between the teachers and the parents / guardians. The parents are requested to go through it carefully and make a daily check of the homework given to the child and done by him/her by signing the Almanac at the appropriate place. They are also requested to offer their suggestions on the pages meant for the purpose.

At SGHMS, our aim is to bring out the best body, mind and soul not only in the students but also the teaching fraternity. We realize that every person is a unique individual and requires his/her potential to be developed to the optimum level. The thirst is not only for academics but also other facets that make a well balanced personality such as regard for one's culture, values, family and society. Our sincere efforts aim to encourage our students to give expressions to their thoughts and bring out their latent talents. We hope it will strike a chord to help both students and teachers for finding greater meaning in their lives.

It is hoped that the parents will extend their full co-operation in the joint venture of educating the young ones.

V. Principal Message

"Best school 🏫 I am still studying I almost spent my 10 to 11 years and still spending Even in online classes we don't have any problems with study our teachers are highly hardworking and they always support us no matteryou are good or bad if you are not good in grades they are gonna help you "

Ishpreet Kaur

"Very nice school highly educated teacher and very good discipline miss u Nagpal mam if u read this then PLZZ try to contact me 🙏. "

Uday Singh

" Best School for Secondary education. Teacher are Really understanding and Helpful. Execellent ventilation. Principal-Jai Prakash Sir ( Math Teacher also) is very helpful and Their Teaching is Highly Effective. This School is Best as far as education is concerned "


" A very good school ,discipline wise. Very good teachers.ihave studied in this school for 5 years.I really loved this school.they teach students by heart. I Missing it very much after leaving it . "

Harsh Rathi

" Lovely and best school. I had 12 years with this school. Missing my teachers, principal Mam. Still missing my school days.. "

Bhupendra Singh